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Our approach for presenting disability insurance coverage to attorneys was well received by NYL and its business partner Attorneys Group Insurance Trust. Part of our strategy was to play on lawyer’s egos, combining images of Superman with the theme Insure To Ensure with headlines such as, “You’re Not Bulletproof,” “You’re Not Invincible,” and “Expect The Unexpected.”
We initially introduced this concept using Superman, but D.C. Comics wanted over six figures to use his image (out of the question), so we turned to use generic superhero images. Although generic, NYL’s legal counsel became skittish to the idea and was concerned that even by using generic superheroes, they could potentially be set-up for a copyright infringement suit if the generic characters contained qualities of famous superheroes.

Our solution to solve this issue was to hire an artist to help us create a new and unique superhero that we would call our own, then have the hero’s name and image registered with the U.S. Trademark and Patent office. Owning the rights to a superhero would solve our conundrum.

The following is a progression of our campaign development. From our initial approach of using the image of Superman to replacing the rights-managed character with a generic version, to finally creating a unique superhero in which we would register with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO).


Initial concept approach using DC Comic’s Superman.


Approach using generic royalty-free Superman imagery.


Examples show the concepting phase of creating a new and unique superhero.


Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 10.46.50



To successfully create a new character, you must create a character profile. What is the role of the character? What are his origins, background, powers, and purpose?
IONX Man, AKA, IM, is of extraterrestrial origin. IONX Man was born from an alien race in the Andromeda Galaxy, inhabiting the seventh extragalactic planet X31 orbiting PA-99-N2, an enormous star (Sun) over six times the mass of our Jupiter. The X31 race has an evolutionary tree traced back to its origins of over 350 million years.
Through its hundreds of millions of years of existence, the X31 race and planet evolved. The development of their world presented adverse environmental conditions that threatened the extinction of all life. The survival of X31 inhabitants depended on their ability to overcome the dramatic climate changes and the immense forces brought on by extreme polar shifts and the gravitational effects produced by its Goliath sun. The most significant adaptation of their evolution was achieved through their discoveries in advanced sciences of atomic and molecular control and manipulation. Their top scientists cracked a universal code based on the elemental building blocks of the universe on an atomic and molecular level, of which all living and non-living objects are made. They discovered how to control positive and negative ions providing the ability to manipulate matter and overcome their dire situation.
IONX Man is considered the most powerful superhero. The basis of his superpowers derives from his ability to use his mind to control positive and negative ions and manipulate matter. His powers include shifting and combining positive and negative ions, creating the strength to move seemingly impossible objects, powerful direct bursts of energy, and even the ability to obliterate matter. IONX Man’s powers also give him the capacity to change the molecular structure of all living and non-living things, turning water into fire, living creatures into stone. Controlling matter also frees IONX Man from Earth’s natural laws such as gravity, and he can shapeshift, mimic other lifeforms.
IM’s suit is not made of conventional fabrics as we know them. It’s made of advanced liquid metal compounds, a seamless and impenetrable mesh constructed with thousands of hexagon-shaped receptors. His suit is used as a magnet/capacitor to attract and store ions to replenish the source of his powers continually. IONX Man’s cape represents X31’s most honored and revered creature, the Oxspite, a winged creature considered strong, honorable, and brave. Created by MX1 advanced bioscientists, IM’s cape was not manufactured but grown as a living organism using Oxspite DNA. When worn, the cape thinks independently of its host, capable of incredible flight maneuverability.
IONX Man was sent to Earth by X31’s leaders to carry out their universal, diplomatic mission of peace and prosperity. X31 has studied the planet’s evolution for over a million years and considers the Blue Planet a celestial gem. IM’s mission directive is to serve as a guardian of Earth to protect humanity against the dark intergalactic forces conspiring to invade and overtake the planet, colonize to replenish their depleted natural resources.


A Superhero is incomplete without having a unique and identifiable symbol. We created IONX Man’s logo using the initials of his name, IM. We chose a color combination of green, black, and gold.
IONX MAN_ID and colors review-1.jpg
IONX Man – Rough concept renderings: shape, form and colors
IONX MAN_ID and colors review-3.jpg
IONX Man: Initial concept renderings
pose 3 sm.jpg
pose 2 sm.jpg
pose 1 bw 3.jpg
IONX Man: Final color renderings
IONX Man 01 copy.png
IONX Man 02.png
IONX Man 03_Masked.png



Attorneys Group Insurance Trust and New York Life asked us to create a targeted digital campaign that would help them market and sell NYL’s disability insurance product to a highly targeted audience of Attorneys. We accepted the challenge to take what some could consider is considered a mundane product and gave it a dynamic persona.

Welcome to INSURE TO ENSURE, a campaign that uses an iconic fictitious superhero in the “invulnerability of Superman.” A sharp contrast of real-life human frailty to emphasize the need for disability insurance. No one is Bulletproof, invincible, and should always expect and count on the unexpected. One thing that we have noticed when we look back on our experience of working with attorneys is that they believe that their profession affords social status. Living a life of social status and a career in an ivory tower tends to create a sense of being bulletproof. The idea and psychology behind “Insure to Ensure” served up in a sophisticated and tongue in cheek fashion that communicates regardless of your profession, you are just as vulnerable as any other. Hence the importance of the need for disability insurance coverage. The theme and energized content of this approach are specifically designed to garner attention. The graphic design, content, and call to action are vital elements that captured the interest and motivated the audience to take action.



Direct Digital Advertising Strategy
"Onboard" with PIVOT’s digital tagging partners (e.g., LiveRamp) to append digital cookies, device IDs, and IP addresses.

The creation of multiple digital ads, dimensions to accommodate the various ad inventory and device type requirements; these ads included a call to action directing individuals to a campaign-specific landing page where the ad respondents were motivated to complete an online application.

The campaign served campaign ads to those targeted contacts whenever they were online via their PCs, smartphones, or tablets.  Our approach didn’t matter where they were online -- we served advertisements through the Google network and several other ads serving systems, encompassing millions of websites. The targeted prospects received ads when checking the weather, stock reports, news, entertainment, etc. The targeted prospects did not have to be on Lexis Nexis or some other legal-related website to obtain the ads: they received communications on whatever site they happened to be browsing.

Campaign Goal

Archive a minimum 10% response rate, motivate click-throughs and conversions, ultimately having individuals apply and complete the online form for disability insurance.

Media, Frequency and Impressions

  • Targeted States: AZ, CA, DC, DE, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KY, MA, MI, MO, NC, NE, NJ, OK, PA, RI, TN, SC, AL, FL, TX and OH

  • Digital Network – 1,000,000 impressions served against the target audience on a digital network.

  • Facebook – 150,000 impressions on against target audience

  • Email – Three (3) emails created (consistent with campaign creative) to post and time with scheduled digital ad distribution.

Landing Page – A campaign-specific, using Wix platform: all digital will link to this landing page with more content (provided by you), and contact points include a contact form, email to an individual, and phone number.

Response Rates – Typical response rates are .2% - .3% for only targeted digital, which equates to 1,000 - 1,500 visits to the landing page. With social media added, we anticipated an estimated 20%-30% bump in click-through performance, or 1,200 -1,950 visits to a landing page.


Themed Campaign Logo

DI 10.png

Digital Display Advertising

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Campaign Landing Page

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Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 12.13.18
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